Monday, 7 March 2011

How to Use This Blog

The aim of this blog is to help the Darlington Arts Project Enquiry Group shape a strategy for the arts in Darlington over the coming years. The work of the Group has been divided up into strands, as agreed at Group meetings. Each strand has a convenor,  who is responsible for :

  • kicking off the debate with an outline strategy that takes account of the wishes of the Enquiry Group's first meeting held at Lingfield Point on February 8th
  • managing the ongoing discussion about that strand by monitoring comments
  • updating the outline strategy document on a regular basis, with the aim of incorporating suggestions made via comments

This process is ultimately to be shaped by the Enquiry Group's monthly meetings. If it proves productive, draft strategy documents will be presented at monthly meetings for discussion, amendment and ratification. In order to become productive, it requires a convenor, or convenors, for each strand, and all other members of the Enquiry Group to make constructive contributions that help sharpen and shape the strategy.

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